Tom Klassen

Manager, Co-Founder

As former ICM Agent in the LA office and its earlier incarnation, CMA (Creative Management Associates), Tom advanced quickly from the TV Department to Motion Pictures, then to Literary, and finally to Motion Picture Packaging, where he worked exclusively with the major clients of the agency.

Amongst many other defining moments throughout his career, Tom helped to craft the current agent training program that is still modeled after and used by many of the top agencies, such as WME, CAA, and ICM. After finding success as an agent he chose to seek new challenges, entering the artistic arena himself, moving to England and attending the London Film School. When he returned he became a client of the agency he once worked for, ICM.

While continuing to ghost write for directors and films, Tom partnered with the late Bill Barnes out of ICM’s New York office and the two formed their own successful talent management company. Their clients included, among others, Al Pacino, the Tennessee Williams Estate, Raquel Welch, Cole Hauser, Todd Field, Don Scardino, Valeria Golino, Don Barnhart (long time Saved By The Bell director), and composer Chris Young. When Bill passed away, Tom decided to take some time off to travel and pursue a documentary that was dear to him.

Becoming active in talent management again with the founding of Credence Entertainment along with partner, Gideon Feller, Tom now focuses primarily on talent, literary, composers and below the line.

Today, Tom works closely with his team of talented young associates and looks forward to building the careers of the next generation of significant artists.

Tom has an MBA from Harvard Business School, attended the London Film School, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He is based in Los Angeles, but also works with clients in New York and London.