The story of A Killer of Men, in post-apocalyptic American Southwest, follows a young man raised by a band of roving outlaws becomes responsible for a new child recruit, and his struggle to protect the child begins the group’s bloody downfall. Credence Entertainment is in the process of developing the feature film for the project. Check out the Full Short Here. 

The Feature Film of, A Killer of Men, is currently in development, written and directed by Gregg Meller. This post apocalyptic western is in the vein of Mad Max and The Proposition is currently seeking producers or production companies to team up with Gregg and his Manager at Credence Entertainment, Tom Klassen (Former head of packaging at ICM) to develop the project.

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For Immediate Release – June 8th –

Credence Entertainment Premieres Gregg Meller’s

Post-Apocalyptic Short Film ‘A Killer of Men’

8:00 PM June 10 ACME Theater Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, CA – Credence Entertainment will premiere director Gregg Meller’s post-apocalyptic short film “A Killer of Men” at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, June 10 at ACME Theater in Hollywood.

“’A Killer of Men’ is an action film about the loss of innocence and the struggle to regain it in a heartless world.  As our hero sets out on a path of vengeance, we see how violence begets violence in an unending cycle.  A throwback to action movies of the 80’s, the film covers epic Western landscapes in buckets of blood,” director Gregg Meller said.

The film stars Riley Bodenstab of CBS’ “Life in Pieces,” “FX’s “Justified,” and NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”

“I was attracted to the script because I’ve always loved adventure in life and in films.  ‘A Killer of Men’ really captures that adventurous spirit.  There were some incredible stunts and action written into the film and though I had a stuntman, Gregg, the director, was very supportive of me doing my own stunts.  He got me my motorcycle license and stunt training to create an authentic feel,” Bodenstab explained.  “When it comes down to it, the story was incredible, relatable, and the fantasy elements made it even more compelling.  It reminds me of the original ‘Mad Max’ and the Australian Western film ‘The Proposition.’”

The film also stars Joseph D. Reitman, Isaak Presley, Erik Aude, Tobias Jelinek and David Dastmalchian.  The red carpets start at 7:00 PM and the screening is at 8:00 PM.

Meller will answer questions immediately after the screening followed by a reception at Amalfi Ristorante & Bar (next door to ACME), celebrating the release of the short film and the imminent production of the full-length feature version.  The short film will be released online Thursday, June 11 at

Credence Entertainment is a newly formed production company and is currently developing film, television, web based series and new media projects. The company is headed by Tom Klassen, former head of packaging at ICM and long-time manager partnered with Billy Barnes.  The new company pursues films and screenplays with purpose, edge, vision and emotion.

ACME Theater, 135 N. La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, California 90036. 

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